The AFCS GmbH is working on fuel cells and their application, whereby the interest in the mobile application of fuel cells is constantly increasing.

Aircraft Fuell Cell Systems

The design of fuel cell systems for aircraft and onboard-power is a multi-disciplinary task. It requires knowledge in electrochemistry, thermo- and fluid dynamics, electrical science and control. In the design of fuel cells systems for the energy supply of car engines, additional aspects have to be considered. Tools to optimise fuel cell systems should, therefore, be capable to link knowledge from several disciplines.

Consequently, the AFCS is currently developing a suitable design tool for fuel cell systems with respect to various applications. The presentation explains our approach of a physical model of a fuel cell and its implementation by Modelica. Some exemplary results highlight the application of the model. Recently our partner, the German Aerospace Center (DLR) has initiated a new business division transport. The aim is to focus, strengthen and extent a number of already existing research activities within this sector.

Peter W. Bishop, CEO, AFCS Aircraft Fuel Cell Systems